Directed by Thomas Ouellette
Orlando Shakespeare Theater

“In the hands of director Thomas Ouellette, Shaw’s satirical look at love and war is peopled by such agreeable nitwits that it’s remarkable they can get all their horses trotting in the same direction. And Shaw meant it that way.”

“Ouellette has a savvy cast on his hands, and he has used them beautifully…”

“…in this little comedy, which breezes along as if written in the 21st century and not the 19th. Hardly anybody thinks of the illustrious Shaw as carefree. But this ‘Arms and the Man’ will send your cares sailing.”Orlando Sentinel

“Under the direction of Thomas Ouellette, OSF’s initial foray into the Shaw oeuvre has provided first-rate entertainment…”

“As an evanescent evening of glib banter and drawing-room comedy, this production ranks high.”Orlando Weekly