Directed by Thomas Ouellette
Mad Cow Theatre


“In Mad Cow’s production, there’s nothing out-of-the-ordinary about these two women, almost nothing that would distinguish them from characters on sitcom TV. In fact, their resemblance to somebody you’d see on Friends and its ilk helps to give ‘Stop Kiss’ its power. When a play rockets directly from cute to savage in its first two scenes, you’re shaken to the soles of your shoes.”

“Director Thomas Ouellette capitalizes on the characters’ warmth and their normalcy: There’s no melodrama even in the scenes in Sara’s hospital room, which, in the play’s off-kilter sense of time, are interspersed between scenes that come much earlier.”

“What matters, though, is the sense of wonder as these two friends discover each other, and the nearly silent change that comes over then with their lives take a different path. Callie and Sara never quite voice their feelings. They don’t have to in a play as eloquent as this.” – Orlando Sentinel

Orlando Sentinel Feature Article