Directed by Thomas Ouellette
Orlando Shakespeare Theater

“Thomas Ouellette’s light-footed, virtuosically coordinated staging flows as smoothly as a ballet and has just the right amount of comic crackle.”

“The blocking is complex, but never obtrusively so, and the relationships between the characters are sketched so legibly that you’ll know who’s who and what’s what even if you’ve never read the novel.”

“Mr. Ouellette’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ is crisp and classical.”The Wall Street Journal

“In the hands of Orlando Shakespeare Theater, director Thomas Ouellette’s clever staging and Eric T. Haugen’s gorgeous lighting keep the tale bubbling along.”Orlando Sentinel

“Credit director Thomas Ouellette and his crack creative team (choreographer W. Robert Sherry, lighting designer Eric T. Haugen, scenic designer Bob Phillips, sound designer Matthew Given and costume designer Jack A. Smith) for a staging that’s as beautifully fashioned as it is canny and quick. In fact, while you’re watching this production gallop along you may find yourself trying in vain to catch your breath because you don’t want to miss a word.”Elizabeth Maupin on Theater