Tina Packer, Director
Thomas Ouellette, Assistant Director

Orlando Shakespeare Theater
Prague Shakespeare Company

“….these actors […] keep the audience involved…. Pritchett’s Mark Antony is palpably grieving the death of Caesar, while his anger expressively simmers right under the surface…. Brutus’s struggle with his conscience — should he betray a friend for a higher purpose? …struggle remains powerfully reflected both in Bernardo’s tormented face and the cracking of his weary voice.” – Orlando Sentinel

“Packer takes a minimalist and highly stylized approach: with only seven actors doubling is handled with minimal costume changes done on stage. This allows the acting to stand out, it’s powerful and compelling… a tight and elegant approach to one of Shakespeare’s most accessible stories.” – Archikulture Digest

“I often don’t ‘like’ Shakespeare as much as the contemporary plays, but this one was clear, easy to understand, and a total pleasure!” – Audience Comment

“Hail Caesar! We loved the show!” – Audience Comment