Directed by Thomas Ouellette
Orlando Shakespeare Theater

“The actors, all classically trained… exuding a stage presence more regal than raw. But there were also wonderful moments in which the bombast and sensationalism of loud racial epithets ceased and the vulnerability of the characters was revealed.”

“‘Race’ opens up the discovery of hidden tensions and ingrained emotion that many of us think we’re above in this supposedly post-racial world. Though our intentions are to see beyond skin color, sometimes the hard truth is that it’s just not possible.”

“I will say that I thought Mr. Watson was going to blow a gasket more than once. He’s intense and monomaniacal, just as the role requires…”

“This show drips with brutal realism.”

“Director Ouellette gets the best from this stellar cast, and if nothing else this should remind you – conduct your personal life to avoid dealing with the justice system. It’s a jungle on that stage as well.”Orlando Weekly